Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install hardwood floors in new construction projects?
Of course, we do it all the time and have numerous references and photographs from both home owners, builders and contractors.

How long have you been in business?
Over 9 years.

How many coats of polyurethane do you use?
We typically use 3 coats, but you can have an unlimited number of extra coats.

What kind of finishes do you use?
We specialize is water based.  We also work with high grade, specialized oil based finishes.

Can you do extra fine sanding to bring out the beauty of wood?
Yes, we are experts at super fine sanding to create a smooth and beautiful surface.  We use 100 grit for the sander and 120 to 220 grit for screen buffer.

Doesn't sanding create a lot of dust?  How do you control the dust?
We have a dustless system to manage the dust and keep your home clean.

Can you match, repair or extend my existing wood floors?
Yes, we have special techniques to exactly match and blend ("zigzag connections") your existing floors, whether they are new or 100 years old.  We have many referrals from customers who are amazed with our matching for new installations and repair work.

Do you clean dirty or sticky floors?
Yes, we can safely clean, restore or repair any cosmetic problem your floors may have.

Will you work as a subcontractor?
Yes, we often work with other contractors and GCs.  We would be happy to work with or for your existing contractor.